It’s simple… Texas Gun Trust gives you everything you will ever need and we do it all for only $79. You get a comprehensive Texas Gun Trust that is specially designed to allow you, your friends, and your family to own NFA Firearms in the State of Texas. When you get your trust from Texas Gun Trust, you get a comprehensive document that is drafted by lawyers that specialize in Federal Firearms Laws. Additionally, you get a Gun Trust that complies with Texas Statutes, eliminates the Probate Court process, and ensures your NFA Firearm ownership remains completely private.

But that’s not the best part! Not only do you get the best NFA Gun Trust on the market, but you also get everything else you will ever need when it comes to purchasing, manufacturing, & owning NFA Firearms. You also get lifetime support for maintaining your Texas Gun Trust, including:

• Adding Co-Trustees
• Removing Co-Trustees
nfa gun trust Filling out ATF Applications• Adding Firearms
• Removing Firearms
• Documenting Purchases• Adding Beneficiaries
• Removing Beneficiaries
• Unlimited Lawyer Support
Keep reading for more information on each of the specific benefits that come with your Texas Gun Trust.

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